Bakı Vinç Overcomes Every Challenge with Grove Cranes Equipped with Allison Fully Automatic Transmissions

Bakı Vinç successfully completes many operations in industrial areas with Grove cranes equipped with Allison 4000 Specialty Series™ fully automatic transmissions. 

IZMIR, Turkey, March 2021 - Bakı Vinç Hizmetleri, headquartered in Izmir, is a vehicle and service provider for many different industrial hoisting operations with cranes in its vehicles fleet. Bakı Vinç has been using Allison fully automatic transmissions for its different Grove cranes ranging from 220 tons to 300 tons since 2012. 

All of the Grove GMK 6300L, GMK 6300 and GMK 5220 model all-terrain cranes in the fleet of Bakı Vinç are equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions. 

“In off-road operations with heavy tonnage, maneuverability, traction, ease of use and operator comfort in difficult terrain are as important as the strength of cranes. In order to achieve these, maximum and controlled engine power must be transmitted to the wheels. Therefore, the support of Allison fully automatic transmissions is great for our customers to run trouble-free operations,” said Hasan Kızıl, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Bakı Vinc, 

With a maximum capacity of 300 tons and a main boom of 80 meters, the GMK 6300L crane can extend to a height of 120 meters. The carrier of this two-engine crane is equipped with a six-speed Allison 4500 Specialty Series™ fully automatic transmission and Mercedes-Benz OM473LA engine with 15.6L displacement capable of producing 430 kW power. The superstructure is powered by a 210 kW Mercedes-Benz engine. 

The Allison torque converter offers smooth acceleration for the crane superstructure in challenging off road terrains. Kenan Kaya, has been operating a 300-ton Grove GMK 6300L model crane equipped with an Allison transmission for three years at Bakı Vinç. 

“The shiftings in Allison transmissions are very smooth. In this way, smooth shiftings in our challenging operations provide a great advantage. It can be said that it has the comfort of a passenger car. On the other hand, even though our cranes have top speed of 85 km/h when travelling on public roads, we obey the legal speed limit of 24 km/h when travelling to the place of operation as they fall into the category of construction equipment in Turkey. Nevertheless, on public roads we may need sudden acceleration to prevent traffic jam. We are very pleased with our Allison-equipped Grove cranes in this respect, too,” Kaya said. 

Crane applications require precise maneuverability and stop-start operations in difficult terrains. In such conditions, conventional dry clutches can overheat and burn when pushed to their limits. Allison fully automatic transmissions are equipped with a hydraulic torque converter instead of a dry clutch. The torque converter transmits the engine movement to the wheels hydraulically, and not only acts as a hydraulic clutch, but also multiplies the torque and ensures the engine output is used efficiently. In addition, due to less wear on the powertrain, the maintenance needs and therefore their costs and downtime are reduced. 

“We can use our cranes in many different areas. Ease of operation and operator comfort in all conditions are at the top level. We focus only on the steering wheel and the road without worrying about shifting. Allison fully automatic transmissions also provide great advantages in preventing errors caused by the operator. Therefore, our vehicles require less service and there is no need for costly maintenance and repair work caused by the transmission” Kenan Kaya said” 

Allison Transmission’s 4000 Series™ is available with close or wide ratio gearing and up to seven speeds including two overdrive ratios and a second reverse gear. Engine-driven Power Take-Off (PTO) is available as an option, as is an integral output retarder which provides enhanced vehicle braking and reduces brake wear. Operation is further enhanced by Allison’s 5th Generation advanced electronic controls, which have prognostics capabilities. These enable the 4000 Series™ to be used in the most challenging conditions. 

“We also have cranes equipped with automated manual transmission in our fleet. We experienced some differences compared to Allison fully automatic transmissions. In conditions such as muddy, rough and steep terrains, our Allison-equipped cranes transfer more precise and uninterrupted power to the wheels, providing much more controlled maneuverability and high traction. It offers a smooth operation without forcing the vehicle and the operator, thanks to the automatic shifting based on the feedback from the wheels according to the terrain conditions,” said Armağan Badem, crane operator at Bakı Vinç. 

Allison fully automatic transmissions stand out with their reliability in crane applications. Therefore, Grove has been using Allison Transmission in its various models for over 35 years. 

Mar 12, 2021


Allison Transmission (NYSE: ALSN) is a leading designer and manufacturer of vehicle propulsion solutions for commercial and defense vehicles, the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions, and a leader in electrified propulsion systems that Improve the Way the World Works. Allison products are used in a wide variety of applications, including on-highway trucks (distribution, refuse, construction, fire and emergency), buses (school, transit and coach), motorhomes, off-highway vehicles and equipment (energy, mining and construction applications) and defense vehicles (tactical wheeled and tracked). Founded in 1915, the company is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. With a presence in more than 150 countries, Allison has regional headquarters in the Netherlands, China and Brazil, manufacturing facilities in the USA, Hungary and India, as well as global engineering resources, including electrification engineering centers in Indianapolis, Indiana, Auburn Hills, Michigan and London in the United Kingdom. Allison also has more than 1,400 independent distributor and dealer locations worldwide. For more information, visit