Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity has always been present at Allison; we have been a leader in innovation and creativity for more than 100 years.  We have more than 1,400 dealer and distributor locations, plus 2,700 people around the world and our products have a presence in more than 100 countries.

Allison Transmission recognizes the power of different thought; accepts and respects each individual and strives to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can reach their full potential, driving innovation and superior business results.

Today, we are intentionally focusing efforts to advance in our Diversity and Inclusion journey:

In our Workforce:

  • Contributing with diverse educational organizations and programs focus on STEM careers through corporate funding or employee volunteerism.
  • Connecting with the diversity offices of schools, colleges and universities. Some of the activities include: Workshops for High School students, funding local scholarships, and visiting campus events.

In our Workplace:

  • Celebrating National History & Heritage Months, and Holidays that recognize the different cultures and contributions of our diverse workforce.
  • Providing a Diversity and Inclusion Educational Series to our employees to enhance their understanding and knowledge.
  • Providing meaningful efforts toward employee health and well-being. 

In our Marketplace:

  • Supporting community, environmental and professional organizations and programs that assist diverse populations.
  • Protecting our environment through the implementation of eco-friendly efforts and projects across the globe.
  • Providing to our customers around the world resources and the capability to choose their native language in our website.


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