Benissa Impuls chooses Allison Transmission for refuse collection fleet

Municipal refuse collection services are amongst the many sectors that benefit from the features of Allison fully automatic transmissions, which enhance efficiency whilst reducing maintenance requirements and breakdowns. This is why Benissa Impuls, a company based in Benissa (Alicante), continues to implement Allison transmissions 15 years after first using them.

MADRID, Spain – While Spain is beginning to take the first steps towards reopening the economy, waste collection is currently classified as an essential service for the purpose of keeping cities clean. “It is a case of business as usual for us” said Rubén Moncho, CEO at Benissa Impuls. “The pandemic has not affected our work and our staff continues to go out into the streets to carry out their duties with the most civic of attitudes. Although these are difficult times for everybody, our aim is to ensure that the service, classified as essential, continues as usual.”

This publicly owned company, in which the Benissa Municipal Council has a 100% stake, also provides other public services, such as street cleaning and management of the municipal eco-park waste treatment center and municipal gardens. Benissa Impuls has a fleet of seven heavy-duty vehicles for refuse collection purposes, including two container trucks and five refuse collection trucks. Three of the collection trucks are 26-ton rear loaders fitted with Allison transmissions: one Renault Premium Lander from 2006 and two Renault D26 Wide with hook-loader and three axles, acquired in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

“We have known about Allison for over 20 years and began to fit our vehicles with the company’s fully automatic transmissions almost 15 years ago,” said Moncho. “The first truck we equipped with an Allison has been working every day of the year since then. It offers excellent performance on steep grades and has not broken down once. Allison transmissions provide great benefits for vehicles that have to go out to work every day.”

Allison fully automatic transmissions are very highly rated in the refuse collection and municipal services sector, due to their quality, reliability and the protection afforded to the drive train.

“One of the main benefits for us is the great reduction in maintenance requirements due to the absence of clutch failures, which frequently affected other vehicles in our fleet. That is why we decided to change to Allison,” said Moncho. “In our company, vehicles have many different drivers. Because automatic gear shifting reduces the need for optimization and limits driver input, the driver cannot force the transmission. Not only is truck performance notably better, but there is also a reduction in wear on engines and wheels.”

“The three refuse collection trucks equipped with Allison transmissions offer great durability, low maintenance costs and excellent reliability,” said Oscar Bordés, Head of Services at Benissa Impuls. “The drivers of these vehicles are very satisfied. Moreover, Allison provides outstanding customer service.”

Benefits of Allison for waste collection services

Allison is the transmission of choice for municipal fleets in Spain and worldwide.

“For the tight, demanding schedules of the refuse collection sector, Allison automatic transmissions are more efficient and offer greater acceleration than manual or automated manual transmissions (AMT),” said Trond Johansen, European Key Fleets and Market Development Manager at Allison Transmission. “This enables trucks to collect more refuse during the same time period as trucks with AMTs, thus increasing fleet productivity. How is this achieved? With Continuous Power Technology™ by Allison. This technology delivers more power to the wheels than other transmission technologies. The result is improved launch and average speeds of up to 14% higher. This enhanced performance even enables engine downsizing, thus optimizing cost of ownership.”

Allison also affords greater maneuverability, which is vital in this sector. Even at low speeds in tight spaces, refuse bins are collected with precision. Comfort is a further benefit for drivers during collection operations with many start-stop cycles, gear shifts and frequent braking on short routes. These transmissions also offer great reliability and less maintenance requirements, making them the perfect choice in terms of keeping the vehicle on the road and out of the workshop.

“I would recommend Allison without hesitation. We will continue to purchase their fully automatic transmissions: they are robust, reduce breakdowns and facilitate our work. After 15 years of experience, I can say that they are the best. That is why we use them,” said Moncho.

May 26, 2020


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