New episode in the life of the Komondors with Allison transmission

Based on earlier military experience, the three new Komondors assembled with special capabilities have been prepared for disaster management purposes. They are light-armored, with a double cab and interchangeable superstructure, making them suitable for fire-fighting and technical recovery type of jobs as well

Budapest, Hungary – July, 2020 –The Komondors appeared in red fire-fighting uniform in Hungary. The National Directorate General for Disaster Management, under the Ministry of Interior Affairs, opened a tender for supplying three special vehicles in 2018. Gamma Technical Corporation won that tender with its Komondor vehicles assembled with Allison fully automatic transmissions. The special vehicles wearing a RAL3000 fire-red uniform were handed over today for the Disaster Management organizations.

Gamma Technical Corp. has been developing the Komondor multifunctional, light-armored vehicles since 2010, offering the Allison fully automatic transmission as a standard version. Many of the potential customers participated during its introduction in 2018 at the Allison Experience Center in Szentgotthárd. Here they could obtain first-hand experience about the easy maneuvering and operational benefits of the vehicles with Allison fully automatic transmissions.

Attila Zsitnyányi, President of Gamma Corp., has been following the development period of the vehicle family—from the first drafts, through the production until the fulfilment of the current orders. “The Allison fully automatic transmissions fulfil the job even under severe conditions” said Zsitnyányi. “They help to maneuver the vehicle easily, therefore we were quite confident to offer this transmission in the tender. We are sure that they will be reliable partners in each situation when human lives are on the line.”

The three RDO-4336 Komondors have 6x6 wheels formula, and all are prepared with two interchangeable superstructures, specifically made for the fleet of the National Directorate General for Disaster Management. Each of the multipurpose base vehicles were handed over with a GMMF-2020 type technical recovery body and a VCSF-7000 type of fire-fighter exchange body.

Out of the general kit, the technical recovery body integrates a crane, as well as hydraulic equipment suitable for lifted towing. The pump (type NH25), integrated into the fire-fighter exchange body, can operate in normal and in high-pressure mode as well. Utilizing the 7000 liter tank built into the body, the vehicle is capable of fire-fighting on the run. Two front monitors, which can be operated from the cockpit, are also integrated for its own wheels and for its own body—just like the different fire-extinguishers for dead fallen leaves. Finally, a foam-mixing unit also belongs to the extinguisher system.

The Allison 4000 Series™ SP-PR type fully automatic transmission plays an outstanding role in the powertrain system of the vehicle, when it is a must that people working on special or rescue tasks reach the operational area quick and safe when every second counts. Two PTOs provide integrated one-touch power for the base body on one hand, and for the hydraulic energy supply of the special equipment (ventilation, pump-drive, crane arm) on the other.

The multifunctional off-road base vehicle with double cab, can be a tool for the disaster recovery organizations and is suitable for a wide range of operations. Utilizing its interchangeable superstructures, it can be operated to provide water supply to fulfil special tasks or used as an autonomous interfering vehicle. The light-armored, closed body provides protection for the crew of six people, establishing the conditions of safe work in high-risk areas.

During the hand-over ceremony 3 Disaster Management organizations, acting in regional functions as well, got the keys of the vehicles. As Mr. Károly Kontrát – Deputy Minister of Ministry of Interior Affairs told: „These vehicles, which include the latest technology will provide easier and safer conditions for the Disaster Management teams during their interactions. Indirectly they contribute to the safety of people.

One of the technological advantages of an Allison transmission is, that it can be fitted to the unique demand of each customer, which this time were jointly set by Gamma Technical Corp. and Liberatus Ltd, the Hungarian representative of Allison Transmission. Out of the current setting procedure, the forthcoming regular service actions and re-settings will also be made by them.

“Our company produced and delivered more than seven million transmissions through its more than 100-year history—a huge experience and technological advantage, all collected for the benefit of the current models, which we build for the toughest jobs in the toughest places,” said Sjoerd Vos, Director Marketing - Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) of Allison Transmission.

Technological Data:

 Technical  RecoveryFire-FighterBase equipment
Type of vehicleRDO– 4336 Komondor MPV
Wheel formula6 x 6
EngineCummins ISG12E5 5500
TransmissionCummins ISG12E5 5500
Weight25 000 kg27 000 kg17 500 kg
Special equipmentcrane; 11,6 tm lifted towingfire-fighter pump; normal / high-pressure system; foam-mixing; 7000 lit. water-tanklight-armored; double cab for 6 people; half-platform

Jul 20, 2020


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