Allison Transmission Expands its Presence in Alternative Fuel Solutions

 Pollutec Online will be held December 1-4, 2020. On that occasion, Allison Transmission will review its contribution to alternative solutions to diesel fuel. The manufacturer of fully automatic transmissions continues to increase its presence in this type of solution, whether for natural gas or 100% electric solutions, including hydrogen. 

FRANCE, December 2020 – Allison transmissions have long been used in city vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG) for waste collection, street maintenance and distribution applications. Their use is now extending beyond large regional distribution activities that have chosen CNG, to include 100% electric solutions. Allison Transmission is the world’s largest manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions. 

Allison transmissions are recognized for their efficiency in urban CNG-powered vehicles. Thanks to the continuous torque transmitted to the wheels, even when changing gears, the handling and responsiveness of the vehicle are enhanced. This allows for the same level of performance as a diesel vehicle. 

The use of Allison transmissions now extends to all distribution activities. “More and more hauliers sensitive to environmental constraints are switching to CNG for distribution activities over longer distances,” said Stéphane Gonnand, Development Manager at Allison Transmission France. “Thanks to increased onboard gas capacities offered by the manufacturers and the sophistication of Allison transmissions, vehicles can now exceed 800 km of autonomy with a 4x2 rigid. In addition, our FuelSense 2.0® gear change management software has proven its suitability for distribution activities in all situations, such as the management of uphill gradients on motorway, slowdowns at intersections, etc.” 

Allison transmissions are also well suited for 100% electric vehicles. Indeed, the transmission uses its patented torque converter which multiplies the engine torque, increasing the optimization of the management of the electric motor to improve the vehicle's range. 

In terms of electric vehicles, the hydrogen solution is in the start-up phase. The first mass-produced fuel cell trucks (Hyundai XCient Fuel Cell) were fitted with Allison fully automatic transmissions. Seven vehicles out of an order of 50 were delivered on Oct. 7, 2020, in Switzerland for distribution activities. By 2025, 1,600 of these vehicles are planned for delivery in Europe. 

Allison Transmission also offers products entirely dedicated to electrified vehicles known under the Allison eGenTM brand. This range includes hybrid electric and 100% electric propulsion solutions. It currently includes eGen FlexTM and eGen PowerTM.

eGen Flex is a hybrid electric propulsion system, including an innovative new drive unit, inverter and rechargeable energy storage system. The drive unit uses a clutch that allows the vehicle to operate with the engine off. Since 2003, Allison has delivered more than 9,000 hybrid electric propulsion systems around the world. These systems have accumulated nearly 2.6 billion kilometers, saving more than 1.3 billion liters of fuel and 3 million tons of CO2. The new eGen Flex models are the heirs of this field experience. 

eGen Power is the second product launched in the Allison eGen range. It is a family of 100% electric powered axles for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, including the recently launched eGen Power 100D model. eGen Power is currently being integrated by various manufacturers. Hino Trucks and Hexagon Purus chose to integrate the Allison eGen Power 100D into the Hino XL7 truck most recently showcased during the Oct. 5, 2020 “Project Z” zero emission vehicle development program announcement by Hino Trucks. 

Dec 04, 2020


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