Otokar Delivers 117 Agilo C Buses Equipped with Allison Fully Automatic Transmissions To Georgia

 ISTANBUL, Turkey, January 2021 – Contributing to modern public transportation in more than 50 countries including Turkey, Otokar signed one of the most significant export agreements of the year with Georgia in early 2020. 117 units of Otokar Agilo C buses, a low-floor small bus model equipped with Allison T3270R xFETM fully automatic transmissions with integral retarders, are already in the process of delivery in line intended to contribute to public transportation. 

The Otokar Agilo C with an Allison fully automatic transmission is highly demanded especially by international users for its design, comfort, technology and low operating costs. Standing out with its advantages including driver and passenger comfort, low operating costs and fewer maintenance and repair requirements offered by Allison T3270R xFETM transmissions, Agilo C buses will serve in five different cities in Georgia. 

“While Allison T2100 xFETM model fully automatic transmission is used in Otokar Navigo vehicles, a front-engine and high-floor bus model, the new Agilo C, a fully low-floor small city bus model, is equipped with Allison T3270R xFETM transmission. Otokar Agilo C offers high standards for city transportation. As Allison Transmission, we are so pleased to add to the value of these standards,” said Berk Gönenç, Allison Transmission Sales Manager in Turkey. 

The 8.4-meter Agilo C to be used in Georgia is equipped with a Cummins Intercooler Turbo Diesel Euro 5 engine, rated at 107 kW power and 632 Nm/Torque, and a 6-forward speed Allison T3270R xFETM fully automatic transmission equipped with integral retarder. Allison 3000 series xFE transmissions on these vehicles combine the most efficient shift points with the FuelSense® 2.0 Max package, which is equipped with Allison's 5th Generation electronic controls that offer Neutral at Stop and Acceleration Rate Management features. The DynActive® Shifting feature uses an algorithm to select the most efficient shift point, based on vehicle and environmental parameters. 

The Agilo C, the only front-engined fully low-floor bus of its class, stands out with its high torque value that enables going up hill easily. Multiplying engine torque smoothly, Allison’s torque converter promotes the vehicle performance by delivering more power to the wheels. Allison's patented Continuous Power Technology™ delivers superior speed and acceleration through trouble-free and smooth full-power shifts. 

“Allison fully automatic transmissions improve maneuverability and acceleration. They provide a great advantage under steep geographical conditions, such as in Georgia, as well as in narrow roads and city routes requiring frequent stop-and-start operations,” said Gönenç. 

With Allison’s xFE technology, shifts are completed smoothly in the most efficient speed range, increasing fuel efficiency. Fuel economy is improved by disengaging the transmission when the vehicle stops. xFE transmissions and the FuelSense® Max package offer an ideal balance of fuel economy and performance thanks to advanced shift points. 

On the other hand, the integral hydraulic retarder system helps the vehicle decelerate with reduced brake system wear. As the retarder system safely decelerates the vehicle by providing efficient braking just in time, the disc and brake pad lifespan is extended, with increased passenger and driver safety and comfort. 

Allison fully automatic transmissions help reduce maintenance costs, one of the primary cost items of public transportation, thanks to the hydraulic torque converter system used instead of the dry clutch system. With its superior shifting performance, possible early wear caused by the driver and jerky shifting is prevented. 

“With Allison fully automatic transmission torque converter, maintenance costs are reduced as it does not use a clutch lining system. Since clutch failures or the replacement requirements are eliminated, the active operating time of the vehicle increases as a result of reduced downtime, enabling the fleet to be managed more efficiently. Additionally, only periodic oil and filter changes are necessary with Allison transmissions, also increasing efficient operational life and maintainability, providing an advantage to bus fleets by improving the total cost of ownership of the vehicle,” said Gönenç. 

Furthermore, smooth shifting allowed by Allison T3270R xFE fully automatic transmissions offers superior comfort for the driver and passengers. Thus, stop-and-start driving in busy city traffic reduces driver fatigue. The integral retarder system improves vehicle control and driving safety in long distance rides between districts and towns, allowing passengers to reach their destination safely. With automatic shifting, driving comfort and safety increase as drivers can concentrate on the road and driving without having to shift gears. 

Jan 22, 2021


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