Sinopec SJP Petroleum Machinery Company Selects Allison 4500 Oil Field Series™ Transmission for its New Light Workover Rig

Allison Transmission is exhibiting at CIPPE Beijing 2021 (June 8-10) in hall W1, Booth 410.

BEIJING, China, June 2021 – Sinopec SJ Petroleum Machinery Co. (SJP), a leading Chinese oil field equipment maker, has selected Allison Transmission’s 4500 Oil Field Series™ (OFS) for its new light workover rig.

During oil and gas recovery operations from underground reservoirs, chemical and mechanical processes can affect the wellbore, negatively affecting production and causing surface and downhole equipment to fail. Light workover rigs, which can reach remote oil fields swiftly and handle production emergencies efficiently, are always in high demand.

SJP’s latest light workover rig model (GVW at 46 ton) adopts a truck-mounted CNHTC chassis and is equipped with an MC11.40-60 diesel engine rated at 297 kW, coupled to a light and compact Allison Transmission 4500 OFS, which can deliver maximum torque of 1900Nm. The new light workover rig model also carries hydraulic lifting derricks, winches and drilling rigs.

“Our latest model, a light truck-mounted drilling and workover rig, has two main duty cycles: driving the rig to the work site (road mode) to running a second function (work mode), specifically in oil wells that require consistent, durable power and high reliability,” said Zhang Bin, Vice President of SJP Drilling & Repair R&D Center. “Allison has a wide range of oil field transmissions for different work conditions. The Allison 4500 OFS model can be matched with the biggest engines where it can deliver maximum output torque up to 2237 Nm, while being light and compact. It meets the needs of both duty cycles very well.”

Allison’s 4500 transmission is specifically designed for the toughest applications. Allison Transmission’s Continuous Power Technology™ smoothly multiplies engine torque and transmits without any power interruption. Allison Automatics accelerate with a 14% higher average speed than a manual or automated manual transmission (AMT). They also offer vehicles better control, traction and maneuverability on loose terrain. The dual mode operations allow one vehicle to be used for multiple operations. Users simply activate a switch to transfer the function of the transmission. Whether driving to the location or working on-site, Allison transmissions improve productivity and deliver the quality, reliability and durability needed in the toughest situations.

“Allison products are highly regarded by end-users in the oil field industry in China due to extraordinary quality and superior advantages. The Allison 4500 OFS offers highly rated input power, a wide gear ratio, efficient power transmission, proven reliability and excellent aftersales service,” said Zhang Bin. “Our new model equipped with the Allison 4500 OFS has another big advantage compared to competitive products: it enables lower whole life cost without losing out on performance parameters or reliability.”

With an Allison transmission, there are no clutches to replace. Operating and maintenance costs are further reduced thanks to Allison Prognostics, which results in less downtime and lower life-cycle costs by predicting oil and filter life. The transmission requires only periodic oil and filter changes, thus achieving greater vehicle reliability with more operating time.

Allison has a global network of authorized distributors and dealers who, in addition to providing service parts, are ready to offer complete service support, technical assistance and training. Many Allison Authorized Distributors and Dealers offer an emergency service.

For more information on Allison Transmission technologies and its innovative products, visit the Allison booth in hall W1, Booth 410 at CIPPE Beijing 2021.

Jun 04, 2021


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