Galician Municipalities Upgrade Waste Collection Fleets with Iveco and Volvo Trucks Equipped with Allison Transmissions

The municipalities of Ribas de Sil in Lugo and La Lama in Pontevedra have equipped their waste collection trucks with VEICAR HV compactors and Allison fully automatic transmissions. These transmissions comply with current European standards and feature simple mechanics to facilitate quick and easy servicing, thus significantly reducing downtime.

MADRID, Spain, 2 September 2021 – Allison Transmission, a leading designer and manufacturer of conventional and electrified vehicle propulsion solutions and the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions for commercial and defense vehicles is the transmission of choice for waste collection services in two Galician municipalities.

Waste collection is a demanding job and waste collection trucks need to be rugged to withstand the tough duty cycles that frequently result in the failure of less robust transmissions. Many waste collection service providers do not have replacement trucks in the event of breakdowns, so they cannot afford either expensive repairs or vehicle downtime. This is why many municipalities are now purchasing vehicles with automatic transmissions, a growing trend in Spain and internationally.

“In the last 10 years, the sector has changed from manual or automated manual transmissions to fully automatic transmissions, which now account for a very high percentage of the market. In our case, almost 100% of the vehicles in this sector are equipped with Allison transmissions. Moreover, the Torque converter minimizes wear and tear compared to dry clutch AMT, therefore fully automatics are more reliable, improve uptime and need less maintenance,” said Carlos Prieto-Puga González, CEO at bodywork manufacturer VEICAR.

"Due to the global situation, orders worldwide have been less stable in recent months and have fluctuated through very pronounced peaks. Galicia is no different in that respect. However, because waste treatment is an essential service, fleet renewals are necessary and important for efficient, effective waste collection. We expect 2021 sales to be 15% higher than in 2020, when sales were up 20% on 2019," said Prieto-Puga González.

The Ribas de Sil Municipal Council (Lugo) opted for an Iveco Eurocargo ML120E25/P with a VEICAR HV 8 m3 compactor and Allison 3000 Series™ transmission. They were looking for a robust solution that would allow agile maneuvering on roads and tight intersections.

"In recent years, we have registered an increase in tourism, particularly in visitors to our outstanding natural areas, resulting in higher volumes of waste requiring management. Allison transmissions make for smooth, dynamic driving so the work is less tiring, even in periods when shifts are longer," said Miguel Ángel Sotuela Vega, Mayor of Ribas de Sil.

The municipality of La Lama in Pontevedra chose a Volvo FL250HP42R with a VEICAR HV 12 m3 compactor and Allison 3000 Series™ transmission with an integral retarder).

The chassis is very well-balanced and the combination is very well-suited to the terrain in La Lama. We have absolute confidence in both Volvo and VEICAR. If we factor in the efficiency of the Allison automatic transmission, the result is a magnificent waste collection vehicle. Although the retarder comes as an option with the Allison automatic transmission, it is in fact essential, given the geography of the area and the dispersion of the population,” said Jorge Canda, Mayor of La Lama.

The Mayor is very clear on the benefits of Allison transmissions to the municipality. “Allison transmissions reduce maintenance costs and optimize collection times, due to the rapid acceleration from Allison’s Continuous Power Technology™ on take-off from one garbage container to the next. In addition, they facilitate maneuverability in the most difficult locations along the route. The work is executed more efficiently and shifts are less tiring for operators, who always emphasize the endurance of Allison automatic transmissions in the toughest conditions,” said Canda.

The Iveco and Volvo models with Allison transmissions are an excellent match for the needs of each municipality. The smaller size of the Iveco Eurocargo ML120E25/P chassis makes it ideal for the narrow streets on the Ribas de Sil collection routes. And, given the geography of the terrain, the Volvo FL250HP42R with retarder is perfect for the municipality of La Lama. Moreover, the dispersion and varied concentration of the population in Galicia calls for an agile, dynamic vehicle. Both municipalities were seeking rugged waste compactor trucks with few electronic elements in order to reduce the need for aftersales servicing that might result in vehicle downtime. Both towns found what they were looking for in the VEICAR HV and are extremely satisfied with the trucks.

“The maneuverability of these Allison-equipped vehicles, which are working very tough duty cycles, simplifies the work of operators. And the truck owners, the municipalities, have seen that the reliability of the drivetrain ensures continuity in the provision of this essential service for their residents, whilst also reducing operating costs, which is a further benefit for the taxpayer", said Trond Johansen, European Key Fleets and Market Development Manager at Allison Transmission.

Sep 03, 2021


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