Swedish Refuse and Recycling Company Specs Additional Allison-Equipped Trucks

Nordisk Återvinning has ordered several new Allison-equipped trucks for the proven reliability of Allison transmissions within its fleet of over 100 vehicles.

MÖLNDAL, Sweden, May 2023 – Nordisk Återvinning, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norsk Gjenvinning Renovasjon AS, Norway's largest player in waste and recycling, supplies refuse services to municipalities and inter-municipal refuse companies throughout Sweden. The company was established in 2011 and collects household waste in a long list of Swedish municipalities.

Nordisk Återvinning’s fleet consists of over 100 vehicles, nearly all of which are Allison-equipped heavy-duty trucks. Now, the company is expanding its fleet with six additional Allison-equipped vehicles, which will operate in Dalarna and Österåker. The vehicles are equipped with the Allison 4000 transmission.

"If you look at our entire fleet, we have Allison transmissions in about 95 percent. For us, Allison transmissions are the best performing,” said Jari Reijonen, Technical Manager at Nordisk Återvinning. “Our work consists of a lot of stops and starts, so we need a stable and good gearbox. Allison works great for refuse applications.”

For Nordisk Återvinning, simplicity is key. This applies to all vehicle components.

“We always aim to make the job easy for the driver. This applies to all parts of our vehicles, including the transmission. It should be stable and proven,” said Reijonen. “It is reassuring to know that many before us have chosen this transmission, as it must mean that it works well.”

“I also believe that simplicity makes things last longer. This also applies to both the chassis and truck bodies. Some truck bodies have cool features, but they often make the entirety more complicated. We believe in simplicity; the simpler and more proven, the better,” said Reijonen. “The same goes for Allison. We know that Allison does not change their transmissions much, they just improve them. This results in stability and the ability for the vehicle to drive smoothly and nicely, just as we want.”

SM Transmission, an Allison Authorized Dealer, provides aftermarket support for Nordisk Återvinning. They perform sales, repair, and programming of automatic transmissions. Nordisk Återvinning values the ability to get quick help if something goes wrong, and SM Transmission has provided them with the most assistance when needed.

“We have mostly used SM Transmission when it comes to aftermarket support. They are great, and they are available in Sweden,” said Reijonen. “Even though we are confident that the product works, we still appreciate that we can get help quickly if something should go wrong.”

Jun 13, 2023


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