A white Hino box truck is parked in a line with other box trucks. A blue and red line separate it from the Allison Transmission Extended Transmission Coverage logo and a headline that says "Seven Years of Genuine Coverage"

We've Got You Covered

Allison Transmission now offers seven-year Extended Transmission Coverage™ (ETC) for 2000 and 3000 RDS/HS Allison-equipped Hino vehicles. Fleet owners can now add an additional two-years on top of their existing five-year standard warranty. Just like Standard Transmission Coverage, ETC covers up to 100% of parts and labor for defects in materials and workmanship.


ETC can be purchased through Allison Authorized Distributors.


For vehicles to qualify, use of Allison Approved TES 668® or TES 295® transmission fluid and Genuine Allison Filters is required. Failure to use Allison Approved TES 668 or TES 295 transmission fluid and Genuine Allison Filters will result in no coverage for repair beyond Standard Limited Warranty coverage.


ModelVocationNew Pricing
2200HSP&D and Beverage$362
2200RDSDump Trucks/Mixers$437
2200RDSP&D and Beverage$437
2200RDSUtility and Other$437
2500HSP&D and Beverage$349
2500RDSDump Trucks/Mixers$391
2500RDSP&D and Beverage$391
2500RDSRefuse Packer$713
2500RDSUtility and Other$319
3000HSP&D and Beverage$385
3000RDSP&D and Beverage$608
3000RDSUtility and Other$608
3000RDS_PDump Trucks/Mixers$608
3000RDS_PP&D and Beverage$608
3000RDS_PUtility and Other$608
3500RDSP&D and Beverage$757
3500RDSUtility and Other$757
3500RDS_PDump Trucks/Mixers$757
3500RDS_PP&D and Beverage$757
3500RDS_PUtility and Other$757


For more information regarding Allison’s Extended Transmission Coverage™, visit https://www.allisontransmission.com/parts-service/extended-transmission-coverage.